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I’ve been inspired by Jonathan Coulton‘s “Thing-a-Week” that he did back in 2006 and I’ve decided to do something similar and call it “Track-a-Week”. Each week I will post a new fresh track on my soundcloud and then post it here in the list below. Be sure to check back often to see what I did for that week. There are no set days and I may even do more than one track in a week. I have no set end date as of yet. I may just see how long I can keep it going. The end result should be tons of free music that you can use on your Youtube videos and Twitch streams (check my license page here for usage info).

I have some future plans to possibly make a site that other artists can join and submit a track each week also. The end result would be one site with a calendar with the tracks that were released on what days. You could subscribe to an artist and see top tracks etc. I think it would be a great exercise for any budding musician.

The tracks: